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Ily Activa Promotion is the official company name of lysthihadinata design portfolio wordpress. In partnership with Ivander Limina, Ily Activa offers broader services in web & print design, promotional bags and screen printing as corporate publication mediums. Adjusted within your budget and needs, Ily Activa gives the best solution for your business promotion. Visit us at or simply contact Lysthia (+62  8 5257 8000 25) – Ivander (+62 31 8377 3770 | +62 8 7755 1177 47). Feel free to email us at

Madam San’s

Madam San’s is a restaurant which adopts Malayasian-Indian food style and has been developed to fit the Indonesian market. Popular mostly for its Roti Tissue and Roti Prata, Madam San’s has several branches across Surabaya and is open for franchise opportunity outside Surabaya currently. I created the franchise brochure for Madam San’s exhibition expo with a gate opening system to symbolize that the opportunity was being opened for public. Emphasizing on the budget, return and services, Madam San’s brochure had attracted business-minded people.

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Successful Bethany Families

Mom’s Cuisine

The concept behind the logo Mom’s Cuisine is giving the warmth feel of having a Chinese style home cooking delivered to your home. There is delicacy, simplicity, oriental being emphasized yet cheering. The red colour used in this graphic is the representation of prosperity and joy in Chinese culture. Furthermore, it also increases enthusiasm and interest. The outline is thick and thin, at the same time, of a paintbrush to highlight the Chinese impression.

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Roti Mox

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Rumah Roti is an extension of D’Neven Bakery located in Surabaya. Targeting more on the lower rank of social market, Rumah Roti is designed to fit the demand for special occasion, such as reunion gathering, office meetings and etc. The brand is drawn to be healthy, affordable and classic. The theme colour is green, light brown and white. With the curve silhouette on the bakery, it gives the impression of the soft texture it offers.

The business card is a combination of all the food project Mrs. Ester Kristina has developed. They are Mox, D’Neven, D’Veneta and Roti Mox. With the colour mixture used, it is printed on a white thick textured paper to accentuate the healthy, fresh and clean feel into it.

Miracle Boutique

Miracle Persewaan Gaun Pesta is a retailer specializing in elite fashionable modern evening gowns which people are able to either rent, purchase or make from scratch. Shown above are the business card and price tag I designed for this specific fancy young looking boutique.

Under the management of Mrs. Mary as the owner, Miracle has expanded its bussiness sector covering formal “batik” and “kebaya” for different segment of customers. I created a set of three Miracle shopping bags to be printed on recycled light brown paper. The first one is using the simplicity of the gown silhouette. The curve highlights the elegance feel and the B/W spacing plays the balance on the overal bag look. The second one is emphasizing more on the modern creation and collection which Miracle has in store while the last one is on the cultural “batik” pattern crafted in a wave shape.

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Get Good Sale: 10% Off* Everything in Amazon

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Tarazz offered a special shipping discount on any categories of items which customers could find and purchase at Amazon. With the vast amount of varieties on brands and products, Amazon had been the the place where people bought online. Besides being cheaper than local price, Amazon showed its reputation as a trusted online shopping portal by countries.

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Tap into Colours with Kate Spade

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Shoes Buying Tips

Tarazz is giving “free shipping” special promotion on second shoes purchases on any available merchants. Some tips are being elaborated as a guide for men and women to look fabulous by having the right footwear selections. It is always suggested to have several essential types of shoes to suit the feel you want to have and the occasion you are in.

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The Popular Bloomingdales

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Bloomingdales Collection

Bloomingdales has always been the venue where you can shop to fulfill your longlife dream of the exquisite designer collections. The model captures glamour, sophistication and the anticipation of a romantic evening with everything you need to feel and look your best.

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