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Shop Your World

By creating a new global shopping paragidm, Shop Your World has been a hit in the Indian market with its aggressive marketing strategies. The main focus of Shop Your World is on the unsatisfied needs of Indian consumers, by providing them the freedom of choice to shop from a wide range of globally branded products with ease, and providing customers with an unparalleled shopping experience.

In partnership with Tarazz Singapore, Shop Your World has been moving forward together with the same vision, to be the Amazon in Singapore and India. While implementing new innovative services, Shop Your World upgraded the design of the portal template (refer to the above image). My challenge was how to emphasize the enjoyment of online shopping like no other with the balance of white space all around.

The new template will be launch within mid of December 2010. You can visit

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Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange is the youthful fashion label created by Italian designer Giorgio Armani. With a reduced shipping fee within limited time, Armani Exchange piece was offered by in promoting back the portal in celebration of the festive shopping season.

Electronic Mail Direct was sent through the registered and buying list of customers of targeting to bring the traffic up.

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Be Naughty This Christmas

Christmas is nearly coming and Mr. Claus is busy with his duties of sending everyone’s wishes all over the world. The graphics and conceptual texts bring people to get into the imagination of saving Santa on the special day. Any kinds of gift you can get from around the world, from the unique unusual thing to the most romantic and even to the most kiddies products are available within your click at

What else could you want? Don’t risk your loved ones and youself to get the present late.

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SYW Diwali E-Card

Diwali, popularly known as the “festival of lights”, is the most important festival of the year and is celebrated in indian families by performing traditional activities together in their homes. Sisters will usually present rakhi to brothers as a symbol of bond, honour and gratitude for being so loving, caring and supporting of all the years.

To celebrate the special day, Shop Your World offered a service of delivering an international brand of rakhi and mithai package which came with the wrap, e-card and delivery. Four e-cards was for the customers to choose from and customize.

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Tarazz Gift E-Card

Tarazz introduced a new service of delivering special gifts which came with an exclusive wrap and e-card as greeting and notification to the recipient for certain occasions. This service was offered primarily in Singapore.

Four sets of e-card design attached above were the first to launch. The themes were on special gift for you, merry christmas, happy birthday and new born babies celebration.

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The Escapade logoEscapade is an Australian local travel agency which specializes in adventurous coaching. From cycling around Australia, taking a four wheel drive tour, joining a safari, learning more about the Australian Aboriginal culture, touring Australia by air, sailing the Great Barrier Reef and many more. It brings together the most diverse collection of tours of Australia to help travellers see Australia the way they want to see it at the price they want.

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The Magic Christmas 3

The Magic 3 Panel

Christmas is almost like a tradition which is celebrated by everyone every year around the world with the theme of love, peace and joy. It can also mean party and gathering.

Believing that every christmas was special, I brought up the idea of magical christmas to fascinate people with some imagination of the number 3. Tarazz gave an exclusive offer to customers when they bought minimum three items from any merchants across, they would get a 10% off for all purchases without any exclusion. Electronic Mail was sent to customers much earlier to ensure on time delivery. Browsers also could find out more on the promotion through the panel on

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