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Roti Mox

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Rumah Roti is an extension of D’Neven Bakery located in Surabaya. Targeting more on the lower rank of social market, Rumah Roti is designed to fit the demand for special occasion, such as reunion gathering, office meetings and etc. The brand is drawn to be healthy, affordable and classic. The theme colour is green, light brown and white. With the curve silhouette on the bakery, it gives the impression of the soft texture it offers.

The business card is a combination of all the food project Mrs. Ester Kristina has developed. They are Mox, D’Neven, D’Veneta and Roti Mox. With the colour mixture used, it is printed on a white thick textured paper to accentuate the healthy, fresh and clean feel into it.