About Me

I am a Communication Designer who is passionate about design and branding strategy as a way of driving sales.

During mid 2004 to mid 2007, I took my specialized major focusing in Graphic Arts in Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts, Sydney (Australia).

Having completed my Bachelor Degree of Visual Communication which is an accredited Swinburne University (Melbourne) degree course, I started my career as a graphic executive by joining Sutera Harbour Resort Sdn Bhd in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Supervised by the Director of Arts and the Graphic Manager, I developed myself as a team player to not only generate good design, but also to learn on some hospitality manners and range of different nationalities interaction.

In 2008, I joined Pakuwon Group, one of the leading property developers in Indonesia. Within a year of my work, I was expected to be an independent graphic designer handling wide range of print design to support the event coordinators and the sales team.

I moved to Singapore in mid October 2009 and decided to take the challenge of being a web designer in Tarazz Pte Ltd until today with its innovative solution in worldwide online shopping. Working within a team, I improve myself by getting aware more on the digital side and synchronizing my design & focus to boost sales targeting on the upper class level of people and taste.

A little bit about myself. I am a Chinese Indonesian coming from Surabaya, a tropical multi-ethnic city in the eastern region of Indonesia. I love browsing design experiments done by other designers around the world and do some traveling sometimes. I have been to some places in Australia and America as well as some parts of Asian countries. It has always been interesting to see and experience the different cultures and lifestyle they have.

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